What does it take to REALLY transform your life?

Everybody wants to change something in their life, right? Everybody if they are honest would like to have more, better or less of something. More health, more money, more love, a better relationship, more job satisfaction, more travel, less stress, less work etc. The list goes on. Our lives revolve around our desires to change something that will, we expect, make us happier in some way. If we ever achieve those goals and get that thing we wanted more or less of or wanted to change, fix or improve, then a new want immediately takes the place of the one we have fulfilled. We hardly have time to savour the successes we achieve because there is always something else that we think will make all the difference in our lives. In other cases we focus intensely on one area of our life to get something we think we want, such as more money, and in this process or rather BECAUSE of this process, the other areas of our lives go out of balance. So someone takes massive action to increase their income or succeed in their career for example, at the expense of their health or marriage or even, their happiness!!

Then there are the people that ‘say’ they are happy and are good at putting on a convincing show. They have developed and polished their act to make their lives appear to be near perfect, when in fact they are far from content in reality. Perhaps we all do this to some extent even without thinking about it. Some people may even try telling themselves that they are happy, in an effort to brainwash themselves into happiness. But again, this doesn’t work if there are repressed desires beneath the surface. It’s a bit like positive thinking which amounts to putting a superficial ‘spin’ on things that covers over a huge mountain of dissatisfaction. Then there are people that are authentically miserable. They are unhappy and are good at exhibiting this fact. Such people are not attractive and when we see one of those coming we often run for cover, right?

Many of us would swear on a stack of bibles that we WOULD be happier if we had more money, a better relationship, better job etc etc. But if we look around with honesty it doesn’t take long to realize that such things are by no means a guarantee of happiness. Good examples are famous people and celebrities that end up with addictions or personal tragedies, divorces, lawsuits or whose careers suddenly go down the drain.

To be continued…….

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