Create a new game for yourself!!

Across the world people wake up from Monday to Friday and groan at the prospect of going to work for another day. Far from being unusual, it is the normal situation for the vast majority. Many people complain endlessly about their work, making up stories that sound very convincing about why they are exploited, why they can’t get by, why the money isn’t enough, how their boss doesn’t listen, their colleagues are a bunch of losers etc etc.

To most of us, our work may seem like a routine with predictable outcomes from day to day, and it doesn’t stop there because the majority are living their whole lives from this position of complaints and victimhood with a list of reasons why they can’t be happy, fulfill themselves, find a job or a better job and so on. Indeed most of us actually create this pattern for ourselves and while we complain about it we reinforce its’ “reality”, entrenching ourselves deeper and deeper in the quagmire of hopelessness, boredom or dissatisfaction. Yes, there IS a reality, a set of facts about you and your life, but the way you have interpreted the facts is NOT the same thing as this reality.

Everyone, or almost everyone wants a ‘better’ job, more fun, more money, more rewards and believes, or say they believe, the stories about how their talents have yet to be recognised.

Such a way of existing swirls around inside their consciousness in the form of language and becomes a cycle from which there seems to be no escape.

But there is a way to escape this cycle: It involves giving up the phoney victimhood that has become in many cases an excuse for doing nothing.

The question for such people is this: why would anyone give you an opportunity to do great things when you complain and whine like a victim about your life? When your cynicism and resignation expresses itself through your actions?

There are others, and they are relatively few, that take on life in a completely different way. For them, whatever they are engaged in is a game that they have chosen to play. Each day represents a new round in this game and they play with the determination and relish that most of us would reserve only for a sporting activity or other ‘hobby’. They might not do this consciously, and it may be that somewhere they had the good fortune to see life in this way and make their own decisions to live accordingly. In other cases they have re-written their lives in the form of a compelling game that motivates them to achieve and perform at a higher level than the ‘ordinary’ person after a considerable amount of searching and a heap of past ‘failures’. Sometimes the level at which they perform is vastly, vastly higher than most of us. Such people get to achieve amazing stuff and in some cases write themselves into the history books because of it.

So if you feel stuck and if your life seems monotonous, you might start off by doing the following:

1. Acknowledge the situation. Be honest about where you are and where you are going at this moment if nothing changes in your life.

2. Ask yourself if this is what you want.

3. If the answer is “No” start thinking about how you can create a compelling game for yourself with what you have in your life RIGHT NOW. Your new game could be to find a job, to connect with your colleagues or to transform your organisation. Change how the whole situation occurs for you by inventing a future based on what you have now and committing to it with integrity. The obstacles that exist to this future are simply part of the game, just like an opposing team in football is part of the game. Whatever you invent, make it inspiring enough for you to commit to and take action on a daily basis. Remember: setbacks are just part of the game.

Pay attention to any conversation going on in your head AT THIS MOMENT about what is written above. This is your first clue and your starting point. The steps given here are very simplified ones and you may need to do more, or much more than what has been mentioned in this short piece.

Alternatively, you can sign up for The Landmark Forum and do the 3-day intensive course at Landmark Education. Their people are specialist in creating new and inspiring game for people in their lives!!

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