Sexuality. A sad state of affairs

Human sexuality is in crisis. if you have any doubts, take a look at some of the material online that purports to be ‘sexy’ and that gratifies the millions of deeply frustrated individuals in their sad. lost hopeless attempt to express and fulfill themselves sexually.

We live in a society, as Osho has pointed out, that consumes violence on a mass scale and without question yet outlaws the subject of sex, forcing it underground where inevitably it finds outlet in a myriad of dysfunctional ways. We live in a society that adores the gung ho, worships competition, the cult of creating winners and losers, yet shuns and forbids the representation of human loving in its’ profoundest form. The pornography that must occupy at least half the bandwidth in use of our supposedly healthy society, has of course very little to do with sexual loving. It is a distorted substitute, and exists, unsurprisingly in the absence of a more attractive vision of our deepest physical urge.

For what else can sex really be other than an expression of human loving? Yet how many really understand it and are fulfilled through experience of it? Women have unfortunately been on the receiving end of the complete misrepresentation of human sexuality, and this has been going on for far too long. In the pornography that perpetuates in cyberspace, we see the end result of a male-dominated fantasy of what sex looks like and speaking as a man I want to say right now that I find it quite gruesome!

It is probably fair to say that most teenagers get their sex education online in these times, and frankly that’s a scary thought. No wonder there is so much confusion, no wonder we hear misogynistic song lyrics being aired at the mall or gym while we go about our daily lives!!

There was a time when sex was understood and valued as a sacred charm, as a spiritual activity that brings together the two poles of our existence in a loving act, an expression of pure love. Such philosophies are now regarded by the mainstream as rather strange or sniggered over by teens or even adults as a titillating artifact. Worse, words such as Tantra or Kama Sutra have been co-opted by the horrendous ‘sex industry’ in an attempt to dress up sordidness in exotic clothes.

The philosophy of Tantra is a system of feeling and loving. It offers a way of understanding our physicality and the urges that are part of our inheritance. It takes us away from the bestial and violent expression of sexuality to a highly sophisticated energetic experience of ourselves and others as loving beings. It offers the possibility of harnessing sexuality, understanding it at a deeper, energetic level, and experiencing union through feeling, awareness and profound sharing.

In the west we have become disconnected from ourselves as sexual beings. The so called scandals we have seen in the news recently should come as no surprise to all of us. What we see being sold online as  the supposedly ‘normal’ face of sexual expression is only one step away from the abuse that is being uncovered daily in our society. They belong to the same culture.

If you detect a note of anger in this text then it may be justified. Why is it that we are unable to deal with the subject of sex after all these millennia? Who is to blame for this state of affairs? With our amazing technology and engineering, why can we not educate our offspring to discover their physical needs in a loving, feeling and respectful way?

The symptoms are their. They may be hidden just out of view yet we ignore them at our peril. Something has gone badly wrong in our society and we need teachers to show us how to find a way out of this crisis of human loving. this is something that the politicians cannot deal with because they have no clue. Sex is an issue that concerns all of us and we cannot sweep it under the carpet any longer. 


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